Located atop the Bellamar Condominiums, this distinguished 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2-level penthouse, boasts generous decks with stunning panoramic views of the Bay spanning the Punta Mita peninsula to Puerto Vallarta and the majestic Sierra Madre mountains beyond.  This graceful and open design extends the visual connections to all rooms and living areas. Any one of the three bedrooms, each with enviable features, could serve admirably as its master suite.

Bellamar fronts the pristine Punta de Mita beach, attracts surfers and beach goers alike to the bounties of the Banderas Bay.  It draws owners seeking a unique, boutique experience.  Rentals of less than 30 days are prohibited. Residents, solicitous of one another, enjoy the solitude of a peaceful environment.

Bellamar’s contact administrator provides oversight and management of owners’ residences.  Relieved of the burden of paying insurance, taxes, utilities, housekeeping and other incidental expenses, owners realize a carefree ownership experience is distinct among the Punta de Mita condominium community.

Price: 1
Address:Punta Mita
City:Punta Mita
Zip Code:63734
Square Feet:3,164.59
Half Bathrooms:1

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